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1A184 8/50  MARILYN VACHON2F5555-59BOSTONMA  2:07:20  4:25:124:25:12         2017
2A153 9/46  MARILYN VACHON2F5755-59BOSTONMA1:11:310:52:522:04:23   4:30:47         2019

Pikes Peak Race Statistics for Marilyn Vachon:
Combined Pikes Peak Statistics:
First year run: 2017
Last year run: 2019
Number of runs: 2
Race spread: 3 years

Pikes Peak Ascent Statistics:
First Ascent run: 2017
Last Ascent run: 2019
Number of Ascents: 2
Best Ascent Pos: 153
Worst Ascent Pos: 184
Fastest Ascent Time: 4:25:12
Slowest Ascent Time: 4:30:47

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