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1A611 89/124  CRAIG LUEBBERS5M3430-34COLORADO SPGSCO1:10:090:54:452:04:541:01:183:06:131:34:024:40:16         2015
2A694121/171  CRAIG LUEBBERS5M3535-39COLORADO SPGSCO1:13:260:58:002:11:261:07:163:18:421:37:544:56:36         2016
3M  324 60/84CRAIG LUEBBERS5M3635-39COLORADO SPRINGCO1:13:010:57:202:10:211:02:323:12:531:34:504:47:430:49:245:37:070:41:276:18:34   3:08:26 7:56:092017
4M  346 56/79CRAIG LUEBBERS5M3735-39COLORADO SPGSCO1:16:510:54:422:11:331:01:343:13:071:37:514:50:580:55:215:46:190:40:466:27:050:46:587:14:030:48:543:11:58 8:02:572018
5M  455 83/94CRAIG LUEBBERS5M3835-39COLORADO SPRINGCO1:11:580:59:162:11:141:09:383:20:522:04:245:25:161:04:496:30:050:43:587:14:030:54:168:08:191:10:513:53:53 9:19:102019

Pikes Peak Race Statistics for Craig Luebbers:
Combined Pikes Peak Statistics:
First year run: 2015
Last year run: 2019
Number of runs: 5
Race spread: 5 years
Last/longest either race streak (Not Current): 5 years

Pikes Peak Ascent Statistics:
First Ascent run: 2015
Last Ascent run: 2016
Number of Ascents: 2
Best Ascent Pos: 611
Worst Ascent Pos: 694
Fastest Ascent Time: 4:40:16
Slowest Ascent Time: 5:25:16
Last/longest Ascent streak (Not Current): 2 years

Pikes Peak Marathon Statistics:
First Marathon run: 2017
Last Marathon run: 2019
Number of Marathons: 3
Best Marathon Pos: 324
Worst Marathon Pos: 455
Fastest Marathon Time: 7:56:09
Slowest Marathon Time: 9:19:10
Fastest Down Time: 3:08:26
Slowest Down Time: 3:53:53
Last/longest Marathon streak (Not Current): 3 years

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