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Please register the same every year including your middle initial!!!

How to find your results:
1) Enter just your last name!!!
2) Run the search.
3) See how you registered and then refine the search to add your First Name and MI if used.

Last name did not bring up your results?
- Did you use a formal name: Jones Jr III instead of Jones?
- Did you marry or divorce: Smith-Jones or Jones or Hicks or etc.?
- Are you sure you just entered your last name?
If you still can’t find your results look in the Results Archive to see how you are entered.

When building a search it is OK to leave fields blank and/or skip fields.
Search Last Name = Like (see wildcards below)
And First Name = Like (see wildcards below)
And Middle Name = (use a space to force none)

Fields below should not be used to get your results or check qualifications!
If you can’t get just your results without the fields below then email me on the next page.
And Sex =
And Age-Group =     OR     Single Year Age =
And City =
And State or Country = (2 letter state code or 3-letter country code)
And Year =
And Race =
And Include DNFs =
And Include Blanks = (in sorts by Pos, MPos, NNUp, BCupSplit, BCup, etc.)
With Sort =

Start Over with Defaults

The “Like” box does nothing if you don’t use a wildcard! Here are some examples:

  % = Any string of characters
      Jones% will find Jones, Jones JR, Jones III, etc.
      %Jones will find Jones, Smith-Jones, etc.

  _ = Any single character 
      B_rd will find Bird, Byrd etc.

 [] = Any single character in set or range
      [CL]arsen will find Carsen, Larsen, etc.
      [C-L]arsen will find Carsen, Karsen, Larsen etc.

[!] = Any single character not in set or range
      [!K]im will find Jim, Tim, etc.
      [!J-P]im will find Tim etc.

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