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1A173 28/156  CRAIG HARPER5M3935-39DENVERCO0:59:060:42:171:41:230:47:332:28:571:10:213:39:18         2015
2M  136 29/95CRAIG HARPER5M4040-44DENVERCO0:55:560:42:561:38:520:47:222:26:141:16:023:42:160:51:114:33:270:30:475:04:14   2:32:15 6:14:312016
3M  89 16/74CRAIG HARPER5M4140-44DENVERCO0:57:420:44:351:42:170:46:262:28:431:06:543:35:370:42:274:18:040:29:444:47:48   2:20:45 5:56:222017
4M  82 10/74CRAIG HARPER5M4240-44DENVERCO0:58:370:42:531:41:300:46:362:28:061:06:063:34:120:42:114:16:230:27:444:44:070:29:575:14:040:31:492:11:41 5:45:532018
5M  122 16/81CRAIG HARPER5M4340-44DENVERCO0:57:020:43:381:40:400:46:562:27:361:11:173:38:530:43:234:22:160:31:244:53:400:34:435:28:230:42:522:32:21 6:11:152019

Pikes Peak Race Statistics for Craig Harper:
Combined Pikes Peak Statistics:
First year run: 2015
Last year run: 2019
Number of runs: 5
Race spread: 5 years
Last/longest either race streak (Not Current): 5 years

Pikes Peak Ascent Statistics:
First Ascent run: 2015
Last Ascent run: 2015
Number of Ascents: 1
Best Ascent Pos: 173
Worst Ascent Pos: 173
Fastest Ascent Time: 3:34:12
Slowest Ascent Time: 3:42:16

Pikes Peak Marathon Statistics:
First Marathon run: 2016
Last Marathon run: 2019
Number of Marathons: 4
Best Marathon Pos: 82
Worst Marathon Pos: 136
Fastest Marathon Time: 5:45:53
Slowest Marathon Time: 6:14:31
Fastest Down Time: 2:11:41
Slowest Down Time: 2:32:21
Last/longest Marathon streak (Not Current): 4 years

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